We had a good day in LA. Always working hard and making progress. We hit the radio Disney studios to do promo stuff for the Megan Nicole tour. Then we had lunch with Sammi and her Mom. They were so nice and easy to talk to. We will get along great on tour. We then headed downtown to visit EV and Kumar at their place. They played video games for a bit and talked. It was a good visit but we had to head back to our friends house so Alex could get some work done. We ordered food and  hung out at the house. I packed up all out suitcases because I want to ship them home in the morning. There's just too much to carry to the airport so I'm gonna try and ship as much as I can. I can't believe the tour is almost over. I'm sad because we had so much fun. We met great people and had so much fun meeting so many fans. We loved seeing all these new venues. It was an amazing experience. Talk more in the am for what's probably my last tour blog!! I can't believe it. I have loved sharing our days with everyone. I don't know if I will blog on the next tour. We will see! Bye for now. T