Call NOW! make a request for the Saturday Night party!

Read this first.

  1. Make sure you have your parents permission to call. 
  2. Speak loud and clear on the phone. 
  3. Call this number:  216-505-1222


When prompted on the phone,  use this format: 

Hi!!!!!   My name is _____.  (first name only) 


I am from (state).   please only include the state you live in.  


Can you play (song) by (artist)

Then,  you can say whatever you want!  

You wanna say Hi to ALEX?  Leave a message for HIM?  

Maybe you wanna give your friends a shoutout?  (only first names)

You can also ask Alex a question!  maybe he will answer on the Saturday Night Party!

You wanna say where you are at... or what you are up to!?   Go for it!   JUST HAVE FUN!

Make sure you also say "bye" at the end. 



  • Sound like you are having fun!   Upbeat!  Fun!  Excited!
  • Don't sound like you are reading...  say things in your own words.  
  • If you think you messed up... just stop...  and start over!   No pressure!  
  • Seriously... it's ALL ABOUT HAVING FUN!   Tell all your friends! Get together and call with them!  
  • Did we mention ... have fun?  :) 

Tune in Saturday nights at 8PM Eastern/ 5PM Pacific to see if you make it on the Saturday Night Party on Radio Disney!  Thanks!