We stayed at our friends house so we woke up and all went to breakfast. Then we headed back to their house to swim. It felt so nice to be in a comfy home and not a hotel. Very sweet of our friends to let us stay. We hit a mall and walked around for a bit then it was time to get to Anaheim. The traffic was so crazy! Alex sound checked and had a great last set. Jakes show was awesome. We sat side stage and watched the entire thing. Met some girls after the show but the security didn't allow us to take very many. I apologized to the girls because we really wanted to stay and take pictures with everyone. I never want the girls to think that we don't want to stay. We want to stay until everyone gets pictures and normally it's not an issue. We are all sad it's the last day of the tour. We said our goodbyes to everyone and will remember this experience forever. Well we have all our equipment and are gonna get our Merch and head back to LA. We did it! So thankful to Jake and his team and very proud of what we've accomplished. Flight home tomorrow and sleep, sleep, sleep for the entire weekend! Night. -T