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TINA TOUR BLOG (CLEVELAND) losing track of days! @alexandissymom
Posted on 8/2/2015

Drove into Cleveland early Saturday morning. Alex's headset was cutting out on stage so we needed to bring it to get repaired. We got to my sisters and I planned a special birthday lunch for Izzy. She was sick on her birthday and we didn't really get to celebrate. So my Mom brought a cake and I picked up a big order of Indian food.

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Tina Tour Blog Day 24ISH @alexandissymom
Posted on 8/2/2015

The drive from Columbus felt very long! We stopped to get gas, then we stopped for lunch, and last we stopped to use the bathroom! The venue was really nice. It was spacious and felt right. We got our own dressing room too! Alex played catch and had fun on Jakes glider. It was Scotty's birthday so we wished him a happy birthday.

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Tina Tour Blog Day#23ish @alexandissymom
Posted on 8/2/2015

We picked up Bo from work and headed to Columbus yesterday afternoon. The car was packed so tight. The venue was real nice and sound check went well. We shared a decent size dressing room with Jasmine and her team. Alex had fun talking with Joey and throwing starbursts into each others mouths.

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